Tuesday, 6 November 2007

(6) A Place To Stay

'You're going to be our guest here for a while Mr. Aloirun' said Administrator Krell.

'I take it by that I am not being returned home?' asked Tarkath.

'You've missed a few developments while you've been in orbit, we're not exactly on good terms with your government, they won't speak to us, and any ships we've sent carrying you guys home have been destroyed. You're people are just too suspicious that we will launch a counter attack.'

Tarkath stood for a second or two in thought then spoke 'Endrin has told me about your society, it sounds like a nice place to visit, but to be honest I’d like to be returned to my family Sir.'

'That’s understandable but...' Krell paused 'there is little we can do young man, we will continue to attempt making contact with your people, as soon as we do you, and the others that were rescued after the fight will be informed.' Krell paused again, he seemed somewhat apprehensive to speak but he did so 'I shouldn't really do this, but since you and Mr. Endrin have become friends I will place you near his Quarters, your fellow people will have quarters below among our civilian population.'

Tarkath pondered this offer for a moment, 'Well, I thank you for your hospitality Administrator, please will you let me know of any progress?'

'Of course I will Tarkath, there is no need to be concerned, you have nothing to worry about. The cadet will show you to your accommodation and brief you on the facility's guidelines'. Tarkath gave a nod of respect and turned to face the cadet that had stepped forward to his side. 'Cadet, 275th floor for Mr. Aloirun, next to Mr. Endrin's quarters'.

The cadet nodded at the Administrator 'Yes Sir' she added.

At that, Krell turned and walked down the corridor. Tarkath stood for a moment to look around. This facility was very different to the vessel he had been on, the environment was spotlessly clean and ordered, almost like a hospital on his home world, but there was an air of warmth and comfort around, everybody else in the area was relaxed and chatting among themselves, to Tarkath this looked nothing like a military base, it was more like the pictures he had seen once of a country club shown to him by his grandfather. It felt good to be in a relaxed atmosphere like this. Tarkath took a deep breath, exhaled, and relaxed.

'Sir, are you ok?' asked the cadet.

Tarkath suddenly realised he had been lost in his thoughts,

'Oh yes, of course, my apologies cadet'.

'No problem sir, shall we go, follow me sir, its not that far'. Tarkath thought to himself how soft the cadet's voice seemed as she turned to lead him to his quarters. He turned and stepped to her side, as they left the room he turned his head to the pretty young cadet and asked

'So, what can you tell me about this place then? It looks like I’ll be here a while.'

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